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Iñigo Perezcano (Vans) »The traffic and conversions of our site grows double -weekly week”

While ecommerce has been taking an important place in Mexico, in the last 12 months its growth has been undeniable and the importance that digitalization has taken for brands of all sizes and vertical, especially in industries where electronic commerce has regained moreimpulse how is fashion.

An example is Vans, the American footwear and urban fashion brand that has been placed as one of the most important in Mexico and has decided to boost its digitalization by launching its Vans online store.MX, exclusive to the Mexican market.

To tell us more about its digitalization, which has placed imvans for its brand, the results and their digital marketing strategies, we interview Iñigo Perezcano, SR.Vans Mexico Marketing Manager, who tells us all about it.

Interview with Iñigo Perezcano, SR.Vans Mexico Marketing Manager

Tell us a little what has been the evolution of Vans, specifically in Mexico, in recent years?

Vans is a brand with 55 years of history that has constantly evolved, originally being an action sports brand that has become a brand of great importance in youth culture worldwide.

In Mexico, Vans's evolution has not been the exception.In recent years, we have strengthened our presence as a relevant brand in the skate scene and at the same time, we have introduced action sports products such as the BMX and Surf;We have also managed to position lifestyle designed to connect with our consumers from different brand pillars (music, art and urban culture).

Vans is a constant growing brand in Mexico;Only in the last 4 years (including Pandemia), we have opened more than 27 stores and we have opening plans for this year of 3 more stores.In addition, in 2021, we have launched our online store that allows us to carry the off the wall style to different parts of the country.

In brand issues, Mexico is gaining relevance at the regional level with projects such as Channel 66 (with world content transmission from Mexico City, promoting and giving visibility to local emerging talent) and Custom Culture (a global contest in whichThe winner of North America was a Mexican, whose footwear design was produced and sold in different countries of the world).

In addition, this year we will launch in Mexico a very important project for the brand globally that we are sure will have a very positive impact on our community.

What have been your challenges and results?

Definitely the most important challenges of recent years have occurred following the pandemic.First, the way of operating as a brand (from the point of view of communication with our communities to the commercial operation) changed drastically with the contingency;This led us to strengthen our strategies in the digital ecosystem to achieve faster and more close interaction with our consumers and thus reduce the impact of store closure.

On the other hand, consumption and behavior habits have changed;The Mexican consumer every day is more aware of what he buys and how much he spends, he is informed to make intelligent purchases, he cares about their financial safety and expects answers to their needs immediately.This is why we have strengthened our commercial strategies in order to provide consumer alternatives (physical and digital) and relevant information that facilitates their purchase process.

As a brand, it is important to have a differentiated and relevant offer for the consumer.In the last year, due to pandemic and consumption changes, having attractive collaborations that would generate great interest to the audience was of the utmost importance to strengthen our relationship with brand lovers and approach new consumers.Some examples of relevant collections for Vans in the last year, were Simpsons (a license that we launched in the middle of the pandemic and that led us to break records of communication and sale of the last 3 years) and day of the dead (a collection of clothingand footwear developed by a local team that has become one of the most anticipated collaborations in the last quarter of the year).

Iñigo Perezcano (Vans)

We know that just a few weeks ago it was when Vans premiered his ecommerce in the country, precisely at a time when Ecommerce has taken off in Mexico, what is Vans's strategy like in his online channel?

In Vans, we are aware of the relevance that electronic commerce has taken in recent years;Only in 2020 online purchases in Mexico have grown 81% according to the Méxicana Sales online Association.

Currently the consumer performs most of the online purchase process: knows about new products, seeks information about them, compare prices and characteristics and, on many occasions, make their purchase.This is why we have strengthened our digital strategy in the last two years;On the one hand, generating relevant content for our community and new consumers on different digital platforms, and on the other hand, opening a new channel to bring the brand's experience closer to more people.

The main objective of our page is to provide the user with a digital experience of the brand in every way, bringing our experiences and products digitally to offer our consumers additional benefits such as immediacy and purchasing practicality.

Our online store seeks to generate a brand experience so that those who visit it can live the DNA of the brand in many ways, exploring the global brand campaigns, connecting with live content of music, art, urban culture and action sportsIn Channel 66, knowing the community of artists, athletes and creators who collaborate with the brand and, at the same time, access our new releases and product collections wherever they are.

Our online store was designed for navigation to occur fluidly and intuitively through the design of the catalog and intelligent search, it will have tools that will facilitate and improve the shopping experience for users.In addition, our platform has safe purchase processes, with different methods and payment promotions to facilitate the experience of our users.

Does this ecommerce have a national presence?

Our online store has a national presence, which will allow brand users and new consumers to know and acquire our products and collaborations from anywhere through a device that has an Internet connection.

The above will allow us to arrive faster and more simplely, to places where we currently do not have physical stores such as Chihuahua, Baja California, Campeche and Oaxaca, and will help us bring the brand experience closer to more people.In addition, the online store represents an additional channel for those who have visited our Vans stores in which they can live the experience of the brand quickly and easily with the possibility of receiving their products at the door of their home.

This is soon but do you have some results about how Vans's online trade has gone in Mexico in these weeks?

Our online store launch strategy consisted of two stages mainly.The first was a test stage with a duration of two weeks, during this time, the communication of the existence of the page was totally organic (through our social networks, some brand ambassadors and media notes) with the purposeto measure the operation of the page and make the adjustments that were necessary to improve the experience of the users.

The second stage began in early May with investment in different media (digital and exterior) to amplify the communication of our online store.Almost a month after the start of operations of our online store, we are very close to reaching our sales goal of the first month;In addition, traffic and conversions on our site grows double -week with week, which allows us to see that the plan and strategy of our online store are on the right track.

What are the growth plans or future improvements of Vans in its digital channel, and specifically in Mexico, say, in the next 5 years?

A corto plazo el plan de mejoras para este canal incluye enriquecer la oferta de productoa través de nuestro catálogo de calzado, ropa y accesorios; así como generar una mejor experiencia para el consumidor en cada etapa de su proceso de compra en el sitio.To Vans, knowing the needs of our consumers is very important;This is why, having information on tastes, interests and purchase processes of the users of our site is of great relevance for the planning of improvements in this channel.Currently, we are implementing strategies that allow us to know our communities better to offer them a better experience on the site.

How do you manage your online marketing strategy?What has worked for more and what worked for them less generally and in their ecommerce?

The digital world changes at high speed;For this reason, it is very important to know and understand what happens day by day in our environment, global and local marks (both industry and outside it), consumer habits and behaviors, and technologies and best practices in the market.

The generation of relevant and immediate content is of great importance for brands that we seek to achieve a difference in the digital world;Today we live a saturation of digital content and before this, it is important to identify the needs of our communities in order to develop adequate messages and value content to meet these needs.

In addition, the segmentation of audiences, messages and communication channels has allowed us to create, establish and develop significant relationships with our community, which allows us to connect authentically and strengthen our relevance as a brand in Mexico.

This last year, we have found that it is important to focus our efforts on what is relevant to the consumer in Mexico, expanding our product offer and brand initiatives without neglect.

What headline about Vans Mexico would you like to read within a year?

«Vans establishes its off the wall style in the way of doing business in Mexico."

How do you think the digital world will evolve and specifically ecommerce in Mexico?

The growth that has occurred in recent years in the digital world will not stop;Electronic commerce in Mexico will definitely continue to grow and become a channel of utmost importance for all brands.The development of new technologies and the way in which we interact with them is a very important factor for the evolution of experiences in the digital environment.

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