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The six Tiktokers who earn the most in the world - Forbes Spain

Movies, television programs, clothing brands and even a performance at Madison Square Garden.During the last year, the profits of Tiktok's biggest stars have increased, partly driven by their efforts to expand their fame beyond the platform that made them celebrities.

This is the case of the sisters who head the Forbes list of the Tiktokers with the highest income, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio.Following the steps of the Kardashian sisters, they now have their own Hulu series, The D’Amelio Show.It premiered in September and was renewed for a season more two months later.Then, in December, Dixie acted at the Madison Square Garden and nine other places for the Jingle Ball concert series with Ed Sheeran and the Jonas Brothers.And together, the sisters have a lucrative brand, Social Tourist, a joint company with Hollister that is sold in approximately 500 of retail stores.All this has helped boost its profits to a total of 27.5 million, from less than 7 million dollars the previous year.

Meanwhile, Addison Rae starred in a Netflix movie, He’s All That, and signed a new contract of several films with the platform.Josh Richards also appeared in a Netflix movie, Under The Stadium Lights, and began its own production company, Crosscheck Studios, a joint company with Mark Wahlberg's production team.

In total, the best paid Tiktok stars earned 55.5 million dollars in 2021, 200% more than the last time we count their payment checks, in 2020.And although they have focused their attention outside Tiktok, they still earn much of their money - from 30% to 50% - thanks to sponsored content, where a corporation pays for a publication that announces its products in the social networks account of a star.

As Tiktok has grown to more than one billion users worldwide, companies such as Amazon, Louis Vuitton and McDonald’s have bought this type of advertisements.Tiktok stars can charge up to half a million dollars for a single publication, although they generally earn an average of between 100.000 and 250.000 dollars per publication, more than double the rates of that list of 2020.

Tiktokers understand the audience to which these advertisers want to reach because they themselves are approximately the same age.All winners are under 25 years old.Another universal truth about Tiktok: there, stardom and money can come and go quickly, as evidenced by three newcomers to this list, Bella Poarch, Advani Gregg and Kris Collins.

Charli D ’Amelio

17.5 million dollars

133 million followers

No one is bigger than Charli, who has the greatest number of application followers (133 million subscribers to his videos) and a huge amount of commercial interests.It has the basic concepts covered: advisalign advertising sponsorships, Morphe cosmetics and the newest with dunkin ‘donuts, and much more.At the beginning of 2021, Hollister launched his joint company with Charli and his sister Dixie, Social Tourist.Teenagers seem to like the material.France Horowitz, the executive director of the Matriz de Hollister company, has indicated Social Tourist as an important taxpayer to the increase of almost 10% in Hollister sales until September 2021.Together with the Hulu series, Charli and Dixie debuted a SNAP will also be shown in November.Charli vs dixie has 10 mini tv episodes.In those, the couple competes for something (baking in one, board games on another) and continues to live even the simplest moments of life in front of a camera.

Dixie D ’Amelio

10 million dollars

Los seis TikTokers que más ganan del mundo - Forbes España

57 million followers

Dixie can be the older sister, but much of her fame and profits, including the agreements of Hollister, Hulu and Snap, still intertwine with her most popular sister, Charli.Dixie has 57 million followers, Charli has 133 million.From a certain distance, Dixie has sought to forge her own career as a pop singer, a deliberate effort to counteract the vibes of the girls next to the side of D’Amelio's marketing machine.In 2021, he released two songs, Psycho, next to the Rubi Rose Raple and reached 25 on the American pop list of Billboard, and F - Kboy, who borrows a term of the Z generation for a young womanizer for a young womanizer.At Christmas, Dixie made a tour as part of the Jingle Ball concert series, taking the stage in Dallas, Boston and Chicago.From home, she has given her fans access not only to her family life, but also to her love life, covering her twitter with love exchanges between her and her boyfriend Noah Beck, another high -profile Tiktok star, which seems to be preparedTo become another sponsorship partner.

Addison Rae

8.5 million dollars 86 million followers

The most important thing in RAE's life last year was his time in Netflix.He had a main role in He’s All That.In the film, RAE plays a high school student with a growing profile in social networks that becomes a NERD for graduation dance.It is a new version of She’s All That, a Freddie Prinze JR movie.drawn as complex as a Tiktok video.When he debuted in August, he briefly occupied the first place in Netflix in 78 countries.A month later, Netflix announced a new agreement with RAE for several more films, but has not revealed any other detail.Far from Hollywood, RAE has a lucrative sponsorship with American Eagle, one of Hollister's main competitors, the company that supports the D’Amelio.And it has its Item Beauty line, a company together with the Madeby Collective makeup startup, which sells its lashl lash snack and other products in stores like Sephora.

Bella Poarch

5 million dollars

87 million followers

In just over a year, Poarch's reputation has shot, making it the third person with more followers in the application (87 million people subscribe to their account).His beginning arrived in August 2020 when he published a silly video of lip synchronization with M to B, a song by a British rapper;became the most watched Tiktok in 2020.Born in the Philippines and then raised in Texas, she enjoyed singing and acting as a child, but her parents did not want her to devote himself to the entertainment world.Then, after high school, Poarch served in the United States Navy as a helicopter mechanic.His parents didn't have to worry.The sponsors worship it and last year published ads for Google, Prada and Tinder.In May, Poarch launched its first single, Build to Bitch, which reached number 56 in Billboard's successes, indicating what is waiting for is his next stage as a musician.

Josh Richards

5 million dollars

26 million followers

The brands do not bother the clowns that fill the Richards Tiktok feed: it has achieved Amazon, Cashapp and others sponsorship agreements and others.His style makes him the perfect fodder in his podcast in Barstool Sports, BFFS, which he shares with an earlier version of himself, the founder of Barstool, Dave Portnoy.Richards has gladly applied that Juerguista aura to the rest of his commercial domain.There are their Ani energy drinks, which are now sold in chains as large as Walmart, and the venture capital, animal capital, which co -founded. El equipo de VC ha recaudado 15 million dollars y ha invertido el dinero en todo, desde PearPop, una aplicación donde los influencers pueden encontrar colaboradores, hasta Colossal, un laboratorio de ingeniería genética que tiene como objetivo resucitar mamuts lanudos.

Kris Collins

4,75 million dollars

42 million followers

Like Poarch, Collins is another example of how fast someone can accumulate fame and money with Tiktok.Before the pandemic, Collins was a hairdresser in Vancouver.When Covid made work impossible, Tiktok was downloaded, largely because of his brother's suggestion, and since then he has created something similar to a sketch comedy program.She plays several recurring characters, many of them based on family members, including her immigrant mother.He won 41 million followers in Tiktok, most of them accumulated last year, and those funny routines also work well on YouTube, where he has 4.5 million subscribers.Something curious, since the usual publications of Tiktok (lip synchronizations, dances ...) Youtube are not successfully operated, which rewards the longest videos with a little more depth.Collins' humor is familiar, and draws the attention of brands like Hershey, Lionsgate and Pantene, who have filled it with sponsorships.

Advancei Gregg

4,75 million dollars

39 million followers

In the summer of 2019, Gregg became famous on Tiktok as Clown Girl, publishing makeup tutorials, many of which showed her as a bright Harley Quinn of bright colors: white contact lenses, red and blue stars that covered her face.That same year, he left his work as lifeguard and then moved from the rural area of Indiana to Los Angeles.In California, it was one of Hype House's original members, the influencers collective whose formation in December 2019 marked the beginning of Tiktok's promotion in pop culture.More recently, Gregg got a role in a later season of Chicken Girls, a web series in which he plays a marsh of high school cheerleaders and starred in his own Snap program. El mundo parece no tener suficiente de Gregg y estas otras jóvenes estrellas de TikTok: de hecho, el venerable editor Simon & Schuster ya ha encargado una autobiografía a Gregg.The book, which came to light last February, is titled Backstory: My Life So Far.


We observe the stars with greater income whose fame originated first in Tiktok.This leaves other active celebrities in the application, such as Will Smith and Jason Derulo.From there, our numbers estimate what the Tiktokers won from January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021.This is different from our debut list in 2020, which calculated the profits from July 2019 to July 2020.Another difference: that initial classification was a snapshot of who we thought had won a million dollars with Tiktok during those 12 months.With the increase in sponsored content rates, one million is no longer difficult to do, so this new list of the main requires a minimum of 4.75 million in earnings, one point several times greater than the limit of our listoriginal.

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