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The 10 Twitch streamers with more subscribers in the world: Ibai Llanos, Auronplay, Juansguarnizo

Competitiveness is inevitable in all fields of life and the streaming sector is no exception.Who are the best?What channels interest the most?What are the creators of content with more audience?These are questions that the mass of spectators is asked and here we have come to provide certain answers to these questions.

The other day Ibai Llanos himself looked on his own what were the Twitch channels with more followers, who did not pay payment, and found a recent update wikipedia in which the Basque streamer was ninth, with almost 8 millionof followers.

This suggests that it is a point that raises curiosity, at least, among communication professionals."Toxicity outside; bad vibes, outside", of course, and it is not about comparing who is better than who, but the unknowns must be cleared in any equation worth its salt.Were you more about Gauss or Cramer?Here we pull Twitchtracker.

Ibai Llanos and Auronplay;two Spaniards among the most absolute elite of Twitch

If the competition on Twitch Spain is already huge, imagine what is the Spanish -speaking, with all Latin American countries involved in content creation.Elded, Coscu or Juansguarnizo are great Spanish -speaking exponents, but the best in Spain is in Spain, with the paradigms of Ibai Llanos and Auronplay.

Los 10 streamers de Twitch con más suscriptores del mundo: Ibai Llanos, AuronPlay, JuanSGuarnizo

Their successes have led them not only to stand out nationwide, but also to do it also worldwide.Ibai Llanos has just been on Twitch for two0 months and already has 44.669 Subscribers, according to the update of September 17, two0two1 of Twitchtracker.The Basque creator is therefore placed in the seventh position of the entire planet.

Very close is Auronplay, one of the referents of the sector.Catalan maintains an excellent balance between Just Chatting and Gaming, to accumulate 4two.70two subscribers, as publicly made on their social networks.Juansguarnizo, the next Latin on the list, keeps two1.861 From nowhere negligible position two0.

The Top-10 Streamers with more subscriptions on Twitch

As we have said, the international sector presents a most competitive panorama, with a large number of quality streamers.According to the popular mass, the number 1 is XQC, Canadian creator who began his stage on Twitch at age 18 and that broadcasts daily for 80 thousand people.

1.Ranboolive: 10two.857 Subscribers (United States)

two.Xqcow 73.889 Subscribers (Canada)

3.Adinross: 56.141 Subscribers (United States)

4.Hasanabi: 55.twotwo5 suscriptores (Estados Unidos)

5.Gaules: 55.1two3 suscriptores (Brasil)

6.Nickmercs: 53.901 Subscribers (United States)

7.Ibai Llanos: 44.669 Subscribers (Spain)

8.Synical: 43.736 Subscribers (Germany)

9. AuronPlay: 4two,70two suscriptores (España)

10. summit1g: 4two.61two suscriptores (Estados Unidos)

*Datos proporcionados por TwitchTracker y actualizados a viernes 17 de septiembre de two0two1.

Twitch subscriptions;Bread for today, and hunger for tomorrow

It is possible, however, that these subscriptions do not ensure economic stability.Nothing is further, because the income involved can only be consistent and regular based on the daily effort of the Streamers.Only through their periodic activity the creators of content receive these subscriptions that, on the contrary, would stop charging them in case of not issuing.

The streamers are found every month before the constant pressure of having to convince their audience again.They must maintain an equally entertaining or interesting content as in previous stages of their career to remain relevant on the platform and, in the end, to be able to live on streaming.

Beyond these evidence, this is one of the reasons why this Top-10 streamers with more subscribers is always evolving.From one week to another, it will be the spectators who decide which creators appear on the list through their renovations or, of course, the absence of the same.

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