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History of rap through pants

History of rap through pants

A documentary presented this year at the Sundance Festival, entitled Fresh Dressed, reveals the importance of fashion in hip hop culture, focusing on a garment in particular: pants: pants.

A couple of pants can say a lot about the movement, especially if we focus on analyzing the story for times.From the baggies (wide and fallen pants) to the extra-things (very narrow or pitillo), the rappers have long identified for their choice of pants.Yon addition, how could it be otherwise, different brands have been the ones that have marked a trend throughout the history of rap.

Bellbottoms (buttoned pants)

Time: late '70s

The album had come to an end but the Bellbottoms continued to be fashion when rap began their adventures.The Sugar Hill Gang group carried them, and these buttoned pants became a symbol, and marked the disc and funk influence that we can see very present in their themes.

Krs-one and Dj Premier have already talked about them in their Outta Here theme: “The rappers used to wear these pants, usually from the Lee brand, although Kenny and Yo could not afford them."

Leather pants

Time: Principles of the 80s and early 2010

Punk and Hip Hop shared a series of characteristics in their beginnings, mainly due to their political nature and against the established.While the punkis began to wear leather jackets adorned with studs, the rappers joined the fashion of leather pants;often broken or with straws to the sides.Kanye West himself would recover this fashion 30 years later, although, of course, doubling his value.

Adidas tracksuit pants

Time: mid -80s and mid -90s' 90s

The term Slang for these pants is Windbreaker, a name more than appropriate taking into account the immense number of B-Boys and B-Girls that have been carrying them over decades.Adidas was the public designer of the public for well -known pants and his three side rallas.Of course, the group that popularized this garment was Run-DMC, who did not miss an opportunity to wear their Windbreakerrs.Many other emblematic rappers for the movement would follow this trail a decade later, as is the case with Biggie or 2pac.

Yof you are looking on websites like Amazon you will continue to find this type of clothing still.

Spandex Pants (elastane pants)

Time: late '80s

Historia del rap a través de los pantalones

Yot should be noted that this style was looked predominantly by women, such as JJ Fad or Salt-N-Pepa.Multitude of B-Girls noticed the need to highlight their female side within the hip hop style, so that, to remind the audience its principles, they began carrying this type of pants.The spandex used to be combined with leather jackets, making this outfit the official B-Girl uniform of the late '80s.

Dicks pants

Time: Principles of '90

Los Angeles County (West Coast) became the birthplace of rap gangster, with cities like Compton and Long Beach as a cradle of a rapper generation.This new wave brought with it a new fashion: Dickies pants;Normally accompanied with basic and little colorful t -shirts.

Yoronically, these pants used to be used as work clothes (Scrubs), especially in hospitals.Considering the large number of young people who died from the wars of bands and police brutality at that time, irony was not caught in these pants.

Yof you like the Dickies brand, in Amazon they have a lot of clothes and accessories.

Multicolored jeans

Time: Principles of '90

With rap gangster promoting violence, another movement began to emerge in the middle of the golden age of hip hop: the Flower Child movement, also known by that time as «the alternative hip hop«.New brands, such as Karl Kani, started selling tinted jeans and full -color t -shirts, which remembered African and Rastafaris flags, creating special trend between adherents of this type of rap.

A good example of this influence can be found in groups like Tribe Calleed Quest.

MC Hammer pants

Time: Principles of '90 y principios de 2010

Yot would have been very difficult to ignore MC Hammer's peculiar style, since they created an aesthetic movement.There has always been some controversy when talking about opulence in hip hop, since a large number of rappers have stood out for carrying from huge solid gold chains to dental covers with embedded diamonds.

But Mc Hammer entered the culture fully with his specific (and even bizarre) clothing, always loaded with bright colors and with exceptionally low waist pants.This striking fashion seemed to recover some of his previous glory at the beginning of this decade.

Cargo pants

Time: mid -90s

Rap music was increasingly acquiring prominence.The record labels did not want to put their money in "half doing" hits, so many artists did it on their own, causing new independent stamps.

Of course, many of these new organizations were directly dependent on the main ones, but their sound and aesthetics were fundamentally alternative.New clothing brands, such as Ecko, LRG or Trible 5 Soul began to be fashion.Where were you going to carry the discman if not in some pants?

Bright suit pants

Time: late '90s

Yon the late 90s, after the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notoroy B.Yo.G., the hip hop world entered a new era: that of bright and striking suits.

While several recordings saw their problems grow, the rappers began to exploit the mafia mentality, which included a more "elegant" outfit ".The costumes flooded culture, mainly as a way of showing the good economic moment and, why not, to end their wealth and attract attention.

For this reason, the costumes were increasingly current, and more striking colors.RAP became a way to earn a lot of money.

Super-Achchos pants

Time: Principles of the ’00

Yes, the cowboys came in very different sizes, and each time they tended to be higher and got lower.This new century also brought a new fashion: extra long t -shirts.

How could it be otherwise, the rappers had to teach their belts, and there was no other way to lower the pants, usually leaving the underpants in sight.

Skinny pants

Time: mid -’00

Yorónicamente, las tallas de los pantalones no parecían tener término medio a principios de siglo.The trend varied from super-thus pants to super-adjusted pitillo.

The hipsters infiltrated the hip hop movement, and seeing racks with pythful pants was increasingly normal.Emcees as Kid Cudi even created a new size for their pants: Smedium (a mixture between small and medium).

However, not all rappers accepted this fashion.Citing Jay Z: «I can't wear narrow pants because I don't feel good to my eggs." Wise words.

Businessman pants

Time: late ’00

Many rappers that had followed hip hop fashion in the past evolved in a very different way at the end of the first decade of the 2000s.

Jay Z, who had reached 40, was one of the godparents of this movement, beginning to dress in this way and denialing the statement that rap was a "children's game".Other rappers followed him, and became normal for important emcees and producers to see rap as a business.And a businessman has to dress elegantly.

The beginning of a new age

Time: mid -2010

And we reach 2015 and the present, where a huge number of brands and different styles coexist under the same roof.

From jeans to leather pants, through tracksuit or clamp pants, practically everything is welcome today.

The pants are a fundamentally relevant part for many B-Boys and B-Girls worldwide and, certainly, each one decides their own style.However, we could venture that the current trend is to narrow again, again leaving the pitillo as fashion pants.

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