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Kourtney Kardashian eats oatmeal and peanut butter while fans convince themselves that she is pregnant with Travis Barker's baby

Kourtney Kardashian eats oatmeal and peanut butter while fans convince themselves that she is pregnant with Travis Barker's baby

Kourtney Kardashian got into a huge bowling.

Kuwtk star fans have convinced themselves in recent weeks that he is giving "signs" that he has "16 weeks pregnant".

And in the midst of speculation, Kourtney showed fans their healthy but indulgent breakfast.

The 42 -year -old published a photo of her oatmeal, which had covered slices of banana, almonds, blueberries and dates.

The mother of three finished her rich food with a peanut butter garnish and a plate of oat milk.

Kourtney has faced new pregnancy rumors after a Tiktok user discovered that he continues to share photos of an avocado bag with sequins he had received.

The e!The star held the accessory while showing her naked manicure, in a photo taken by Lisa Kon nail artist.

Kourtney Kardashian come avena y mantequilla de maní mientras los fanáticos se convencen de que está embarazada del bebé de Travis Barker

The fan - who has the jordynwoodknow mango - pointed out that a baby is the size of an avocado at 16 weeks.

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Kourtney intensified rumors while sharing a birthday tribute to her friend.

Baby ‘Tips’

The Telerreality star shared a retrospective photo of herself using two milk extractors, holding the devices against her chest while wearing a black swimsuit.

He also posed with a skim suit with both hands in the stomach, as if insinuating that he could be pregnant.

Meanwhile, last month he lifted his eyebrows while he showed the closet of his kitchen full of his huge collection of junk food.

He toured the great pantry located in his house of $ 8.5 million, showing a series of fries, cookies and sweets of the Bussin Snacks brand.

In July he also shared photos of a peculiar snack of pickles, vegan butter, tangerines and mother's bread.

Pregnancy rumors

This was not the first time that it made strange decisions in the food, since previously the pleasure of a martini made with water had been given.

Poosh's founder held the glass full of small white flowers to flavor her alcohol.

Also during the summer, Kourtney was photographed eating sushi without fish, while in his place he opted for a vegetarian roll with avocado.

"I have not eaten meat or fish in 7 months and I feel incredible," he wrote about the choice of dinner.

The star has also opted for baggy clothes several times, and on a recent trip to Disney weed pink wide pants to hide her belly.

Kourtney shares his children Mason, 11, Penelope, Nine and Reign, six with his former Scott Disick.

Los fanáticos de Kourtney Kardashian convencieron de que dejó caer dos ‘pistas’ importantes de que tiene ’16 semanas de embarazo’ con el bebé de Travis Barker

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