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Isabel Pantoja asks Kiko Rivera to end her clothing firm, ‘Kantora is mine’

© Gtres.Isabel Pantoja pide a Kiko Rivera que ponga fin a su firma de ropa, ‘Kantora is mine’ Isabel Pantoja pide a Kiko Rivera que ponga fin a su firma de ropa, ‘Kantora is mine’

Kiko Rivera after chatting with his mother in Cantora, has set aside one of the projects with which he challenged her.


With this zasca in his clothing brand Kiko Rivera claimed the inheritance to his mother, something he no longer intends to do.The DJ prefers to recover the relationship he had with her and put aside the monetary figures that moved him away from Isabel, as he insists on his surroundings.He sold clothing, fannyas or cups due to affordable prices under a bull logo, a crown and a motto with which he did not want peace to come."Isabel Pantoja was outraged by her son's challenge, but did not move any record," they say the same sources, and let Kiko Rivera continue with his life.After the death of his grandmother the musician has reflected and has made the determination to abandon the war he faced them.He knows that this project does not help to be reconciled and wants to leave him behind and it is that mother and son are striving because their quarrels are part of the past.

He was the brand's ambassador and who showed his products through stories or publications, however, since he approached his mother again.Kiko Rivera had plans with this clothing brand and, in addition, he had several releases pending, but "they no longer come to mind".This declaration of intentions loses all the meaning if he speaks with his mother again, a change that has occurred very recently.Although this project saw the light thanks to the help of three friends, the musician has opted this time for his mother.

It was just a few weeks ago when Kiko Rivera himself was excited to invite his mother to a deliver of musical awards, a big step after his family breakdown."Can you imagine that your mother stands at the awards?" Asked the journalist in Radiolé to what he replied: "Just thinking about it, I want to cry.Mom, if you are listening to Radiolé, I would love to be there with me.I will act for the first time in those awards.For me it would be a pleasure to have you there ».The relationship with his mother has improved since they were reunited in Cantora on September 30.Mother and son hugged for several minutes, despite everything, an instant that changed the story for them.The DJ maintains that since they saw for the last time everything is returning to its channel, although according to the paths that the scandal was taking, no one imagined it.

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Kiko Rivera launched this brand in early August

Isabel Pantoja pide a Kiko Rivera que ponga fin a su firma de ropa, ‘Kantora is mine’

It was on August 6 when Kiko Rivera himself announced on his Instagram profile the new business adventure in which he had embarked.«The day of the premiere of my new brand has arrived.I hope you like and have a beautiful acceptance to improve it and making more little things.I hope you enjoy it as much as I create it.I love you ... in the biography I leave you the link, ”he said then.

© Assembly performed per week.

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Thus he claimed his part of Cantora again

After ‘The poisoned inheritance’, Kiko Rivera granted several interviews and repeated both in sets and outside them that he wanted his part of Cantora.In addition, he insisted that he wanted to sell it to settle debts and focus on his future, something that has not finally happened.

© Assembly week.

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Many followers of Isabel Pantoja exploded against him

Neither Isabel Pantoja nor the people who supported him that the name of this clothing brand was correct.Many artist fans considered that they sought to provoke her, a gesture she did not react and on which she did not pronounce, at least not in public.


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They did not consider it appropriate

"Cantora is yours, of course, your part, but that phrase means much more, and I don't see it appropriate" or "you keep taking advantage of the fact that tomorrow your mother acts to launch this" are just some of the comments that could be read inThis publication of which, by the way, there is no trace.

© Gtres.

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The tonadillera showed her outrage at her most intimate circle

Although he did not give statements publicly, he was very angry with her friends and people of extreme trust.This gesture of his son seemed unnecessary and caused great pain, a feeling that has now led Kiko to step back.

© Social media.

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Nor has he had the expected reception

While Kiko Rivera took advantage of a day before his mother acted in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) to launch his brand, the truth is that he has not achieved the expected sales.The musician hoped to revolutionize the market, but either because of the design or by the message itself, has not captivated the clients they believed.


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Everything changed after Kiko's visit to Cantora when his grandmother died

Shortly after knowing Doña Ana's death, Kiko Rivera undertook the trip that changed everything.From the funny one began a journey to Cádiz that ended in Cantora, the farm that for a year has been a reason for confrontation between the mother and the son.

© Social media.

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Against every mother and son forecast they try to recover the lost time

None of the protagonists imagined that the war they have lived this year was going to be buried.Although the rest is very difficult for them to forget the family battle, they both strive to look to the future and that everything improves between them.

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