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5 keys to improve your branding

5 keys to improve your branding

Improving branding is a vital strategy for your company, but perfecting your brand does not only consist of making changes in colors, logos, names, etc..Goes far beyond this.

Let us clearly remember this concept, branding, consists of the process of creating a brand, from the name and logo to the organizational culture, philosophy and values that will represent the essence of the company.

Everything that makes a person recognize your company, is part of your branding, whether tangible or not.For example, suppose you have a seller who is very successful, very dear to your customers for the treatment they give them.

These clients will surely recommend it and talk about it, thus making it an active part of your branding since indirectly these positive recommendations about their good attitude can persuade an excellent image of your company.

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“Everything that makes a person recognize your company, is part of your branding, whether tangible or not”.

In the case of tourism, a very large and definitely international market, we can find several examples of different types of branding that through strategies such as inbound marketing for tourism have made many places get a tangible image.

When you visit a place you usually do it for the natural beauties that exist, for their gastronomy or because they are world -recognized places, but how do you get to know all that?Thanks to branding!

If you think of the most recognizable elements of some tourist sites, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the attractions of Disney, Italian food or one of the wonders of the world comes to mind..

And why do you think of those first?For the branding and marketing behind it!These communication strategies have made several sites become iconic generating a great advantage over various natural wonders that do not have a due diffusion.

The strategies behind iconic places have caused you to constantly see things that refer to these sites, such as souvenirs, stamped icons and now also in social media when you see that someone uploaded a photo with the Tower Pisa in the background or observe your nephewsWith Disney clothes.

5 Claves para Mejorar tu Branding

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With all these cases we have demonstrated that the branding is a fundamental part of your company's growth and success and in this article we will teach you how to do it in some simple steps.

Improve your branding with these 5 keys

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One of the most important things to always be remembered, is to be consisting of what will make you recognized and be constantly in the consumer's mind.

Great examples of this are McDonald’s or Coca Cola, both companies have many years in the market and have always been successful.

Regardless of how many red logos with white, the first thing you are going to think about is Coca Cola.The same goes for the yellow mcdonald’s, this element is so representative that no other brand uses something similar.

Both companies have had updates of their images, they have made different campaigns, they have even modified their menus adding more products or but the essence is still there, consistent and constant.

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Connecting with users from emotions is the best way to establish strong links, because empathic communication generates unconscious ties that can be unmoked by the logical part.

Returning to the examples of tourism, Paris and the Eiffel Tower are directly related to love, just as Disney is with childhood.

These feelings make people in love want to spend their honeymoon in Paris or that the ideal family plan of adults and children is a visit to Disney.

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Everything evolves, but adapting does not mean changing and this is important.Just as we mention the successes of McDonald’s or Coca Cola, they thank their constancy and consistency, we are aware that they have adapted to reality.

Before McDonald’s only sold cheese burgers, how many options are there today in his menu?This change precisely arises from the adaptation, the company was capturing the needs of the market and began to incorporate new things without losing its essence.

Now there is menu for children, a little healthier options, hamburgers with chicken or meat, different types of ice cream, etc..But all, absolutely all, have in their packaging the image that represents McDonald’s.

"Connecting with users from emotions is the best way to establish strong links, because empathic communication generates ties".

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  1. Involucra a todos tus equipos

Take into account all the people who are part of the company allow you to: strengthen branding internally, since your employees are the main prromotors of the brand and can also open opportunities to generate external connections through them.

As mentioned above, employees are part of branding, a clear example can be a famous television presenter in your country.This presenter is not the owner of the TV or program channel, but it is the main representation.

People connect with the presenter and even many will see the program only for it, in this way the presenter indirectly generates several benefits for the brand.

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Last but not least trust and loyalty, which is intimately linked to all the previous points.

If you stop being constant or consistent, changing what people know about you, you can generate distrust.If you break the emotional connection with users, you won't have their loyalty.

If you do not adapt to the changes, you will reduce your audience and the options to connect with new people, and if your employees do not feel part of the brand, they will not be their main promoters and this consequently generates distrust in potential customers.

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Think about it: If Juan who works in the company does not consume his products, for something he must be, he knows what is behind.This thought is extremely common among people and lets us know the important thing to take care of all the elements of our branding.

In conclusion we leave you this thought: everything that relates to your brand is part of its branding, therefore it is important to take care of every detail, each person, each strategy, since each point is part of a whole, and together they speakof your brand.Creating a branding with solid and strong bases can generate spectacular advantages for your company.

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